The Trodden Path

I have seen it.
A few times before.
Ominous, uncontrite, yet true.
I sought its advise some more

though times evaded not new.
An open door to an empty plot,
devised to trap and snare.

Though entered by own’s free will,
to what have we to compare?
Will dawn see another setting sun,
where Angels fly though unconsciously?
What have we learnt by seeking none?
Have you gained your sanity?

I have seen it.
A few times before.
One roll of coins and pockets for two.
Played the game, designed to score.
The dice, snake eyes, red, black and blue.
When does the darkness show no fear?
Alas, missed by listening ear.
Do you know,if time has called,
with eyes that do not see?
Will nature heed its mother’s fall?
Will you have gained your sanity?

copyright © 2012 Black Jaguar