Off in the distance
Silhouetted against a starry horizon
Black and ominous.
Looming, yet pleasantly inviting: surreal
A finger pointed to its peak
There it is, right there

That thing you sought most
Another lifetime – eons ago.
Memories flood to the brim
As a bucket filled of water
From a tap dripping hours long past
Why the tattoos and what do they mean?
They are the road maps to the kills I have made
Come, step a bit closer… Let your eyes see
The darkness holds no sway over your lingering eyes
Fear me not I am no predator
But merely a messenger – a friend
Does your mind play tricks on you?
Is it some wild hypnotic dream?
Feel my skin and see I am real
Now look again and follow the curve of my finger…
Off in the distance and to the right A glowing object

© copyright 2012 Black Jaguar